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Postcard from the Reality-Based Universe: “Wish You Were All Here!” A Meditation on the Relationship between Science, Intellectual Property Law, and the Rights of Indigenous Populations in Plant Genetic Resources
Is Scalian Standing the Latest Sighting of the Lochner-ess Monster?: Using Global Warming to Explore the Myth of the Corporate Person
Has the Federal Courts’ Successive Undermining of the APA’s Presumption of Reviewability Turned the Doctrine into Fool’s Gold
Tying Up Loose Ends: Resolving Ambiguity in Ballot Measure 37’s Public Health and Safety Exemption
Climate Change in the Supreme Court
Analyzing Carbon Emissions Trading: A Potential Cost Efficient Mechanism to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Imposing Judicial Restraints on the “Art of Deception”: The Courts Cast a Skeptical Eye on Columbia Basin Salmon Restoration Efforts
Waterbirds, the 2010 Biodiversity Target, and Beyond: AEWA’s Contribution to Global Biodiversity Governmance
The Art of the Unsolvable: Locating the Vital Center of Science for Environmental Law & Policy
Incorporating Emergy Synthesis into Environmental Law: An Integration of Ecology, Economics, and Law