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Missing the Link: The Importance of Keeping Ecosystems Intact and What the Endangered Species Act Suggests We Do About It
Energy Independence and Global Warming
Emerging Commons and Tragic Institutions
Brief for Natural Resources Defense Council as Amici Curiae Supporting Respondent, United States v. Atlantic Research Corp., No. 06-562 (U.S. APR. 5, 2007) .
Cartesian Eco-Femdarkanism: She Comes From the Earth, Therefore We Are
The Politics of Risk: Pre-Litigation Site Assessment in Houston, Texas
Tales of French Fries and Bottled Water: The Environmental Consequences of Groundwater Pumping
The Mirage of Indian Reserved Water Rights and Western Streamflow Restoration in the McCarran Amendment Era: A Promise Unfulfilled
Western Instream Flows: 50 Years of Progress and Setbacks
The First Half Century of Western Water Reform: Have We Kept Faith with the Rivers of the West?