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Analyzing Carbon Emissions Trading: A Potential Cost Efficient Mechanism to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Imposing Judicial Restraints on the “Art of Deception”: The Courts Cast a Skeptical Eye on Columbia Basin Salmon Restoration Efforts
Waterbirds, the 2010 Biodiversity Target, and Beyond: AEWA’s Contribution to Global Biodiversity Governmance
The Art of the Unsolvable: Locating the Vital Center of Science for Environmental Law & Policy
Incorporating Emergy Synthesis into Environmental Law: An Integration of Ecology, Economics, and Law
Science, Law, and the Environment: The Making of a Modern Discipline
Science, Risk, and Risk Assessment and Their Role(s) Supporting Environmental Risk Management
The Complementary Roles of Common Law Courts and Federal Agencies in Producing and Using Policy-Relevant Scientific Information
Reconstructing the Wall of Virtue: Maxims for the Co-Evolution of Environmental Law and Environmental Science
OMB and the Politicization of Risk Assessment