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Brief for Natural Resources Defense Council as Amici Curiae Supporting Respondent, United States v. Atlantic Research Corp., No. 06-562 (U.S. APR. 5, 2007) .
Cartesian Eco-Femdarkanism: She Comes From the Earth, Therefore We Are
The Politics of Risk: Pre-Litigation Site Assessment in Houston, Texas
Tales of French Fries and Bottled Water: The Environmental Consequences of Groundwater Pumping
The Mirage of Indian Reserved Water Rights and Western Streamflow Restoration in the McCarran Amendment Era: A Promise Unfulfilled
Western Instream Flows: 50 Years of Progress and Setbacks
The First Half Century of Western Water Reform: Have We Kept Faith with the Rivers of the West?
At the Confluence: Oregon’s Instream Water Rights Law in Theory and Practice
Sometimes a Great Notion: Oregon’s Instream Flow Experiments