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Cartesian Eco-Femdarkanism: She Comes From the Earth, Therefore We Are


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This is a piece to draw people together. It suggests cooperation, listening, learning, etc. There will be lines that you may not agree with. There will be leaps of logic. We’ll even experiment with a little anti-logic. This piece is not the sum of its parts, and I consider it a small part of a large discussion, not a prescription.

Briefly, we can and should (and perhaps, must) think about the environment. Think about ways to reduce pollution, to save forests, to save species. An equal (and I believe concurrent) task must be to identify more broadly with the natural world, indeed to remember we are nature. We need to think about thinking. Somehow we must wrestle with the limits of rational thought, based—as it is—in a powerful, but painfully limited perception. We need to ask bold questions, such as “Can we build a computer or a skyscraper or a car without the use of deadly poisons?” The asking is clearly the hard part, because the answer is easy: yes, we can. We can understand our limits while pursuing our highest potential.

Humility will not keep us from our greatest achievements.

And we can love nature. I do. I am passionate about rivers and trees and rocks and cold nights and fire. I feel a very strong connection with them. Whether that relationship can be measured or not, it is very real and very powerful. This work is my attempt to demonstrate that connection in writing. 

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