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Protecting Water Quality and Salmon in the Columbia Basin: The Case for State Certification of Federal Dams
Overly Restrictive Administrative Records and the Frustration of Judicial Review
Courts and the EPA Interpret NPDES General Permit Requirements for CAFOs
Property Pieces in Compensation Statutes: Law’s Eulogy for Oregon’s Measure 37
Taking Congress’s Words Seriously: Towards a Sound Construction of NEPA’s Long Overlooked Interpretation Mandate
The Shifting Sands of Property Rights, Federal Railroad Grants, and Economic History: Hash v. United States and the Threat to Rail-Trail Conversions
In My Backyard: How Enabling Hazardous Waste Trade to Developing Nations Can Improve the Basel Convention’s Ability to Achieve Environmental Justice
“Ecoterrorism”?: A Critical Analysis of the Vilification of Radical Environmental Activists as Terrorists
Environmental Justice in the Tribal Context: A Madness to EPA’s Method
Healthy Schools: A Major Front in the Fight for Environmental Justice