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Blackouts and Oversupply or Regulatory Planning and Cooperation
Saving Preemption in the Clean Air Act: Climate Change, State Common Law, and Plaintiffs without a Remedy
Putting the Dormant Commerce Clause Back to Sleep: Adapting the Doctrine to Support State Renewable Portfolio Standards
Healthcare, Environmental Law, and the Supreme Court: An Analysis Under the Commerce, Necessary and Proper, and Tax and Spending Clauses
The Key Stone in the Carbon Tariff Wall: The Alberta Oil Sands and the Legality of Taxing Imports Based on Their Carbon Footprint
Sustainable Energy Subsidies
“Dancing Backward in High Heels”: Examining and Addressing the Disparate Regulatory Treatment of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources
Coming to Terms with Wilderness: The Wilderness Act and the Problem of Wildlife Restoration
Monumental Seascape Modification Under the Antiquities Act
Frayed Seams in the “Patchwork Quilt”  of American Federalism: An Empirical Analysis  of Invasive Plant Species Regulation