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An Endangered Theory: Vicarious Liability Under the Endangered Species Act
Compelling a Nutrient Pollution Solution:  How Nutrient Pollution Litigation is  Redefining Cooperative Federalism under  the Clean Water Act
Wilderness and Culture
Nothing But Unconditional Love for Conditional Registrations: The Conditional Registration Loophole in the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
Fracking and Federalism: A Comparative Approach to Reconciling National and Subnational Interests in the United States and Spain
Will More, Better, cheaper, and faster monitoring Improve Environmental Management?
Not One Without the Other: The Challenge of Integrating U.S. Environment, Energy, Climate, and Economic Policy
Climate Change Triage
Putting a Price on Carbon: The Metaphor
Environmental Regulation at the Frontier: Government Oversight of Offshore Oil Drilling North of Alaska