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Alternative Solutions to Power Oversupply in the Pacific Northwest
Fracking-Caused Earthquakes: How Alleged Threats Could Trigger the Corps of Engineers’ Section 10 Jurisdiction
Interest Groups and Environmental Policy: Inconsistent Positions and Missed Opportunities
Origins of the Clean Air Act: a New Interpretation
Complexity and Simplicity in Law: a Review Essay (Cass R. Sunstein, Simpler: the Future of Government (2013))
Climate Change Regulation and EPA Disincentives
Wildearth Guardians v. EPA (No. 12-71523, 2014)
People of the State of California v. US Dept. of the Interior (No. 12-55856, 2014)
In Defense of Animals v. Dep’t of the Interior (No. 12-17804, 2014)
League of Wilderness Defenders/Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project v. Connaughton (No. 13-35653, 2014)