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Climate Change and the PSD Program: Using BACT to Combat the Incumbency of Fossil Fuels
A Chronic Problem: Pritzker and the NOAA Roadmap’s Deficiencies
Fish and Wildlife Management on Federal Lands: Debunking State Supremacy
Regulating Inherently Subjective Food Labeling Claims
Overuse of Antibiotics in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: Regulation and Tort Law
Owning All the Seeds: Consolidation and Control in AgBiotech
Labeling Genetically-Engineered Foods: An Update From One of the Front Lines of Federalism
The Healthy Watershed Framework: A Blueprint for Restoring Nutrient-Impaired Waterbodies Through Integrated Clean Water Act and Farm Bill Conservation Planning and Implementation at the Subwatershed Level
Controlling the Environmental Costs of Obesity
Eating for the Environment: The Potential of Dietary Guidelines to Achieve Better Human and Environmental Health Outcomes