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Wildearth Guardians v. EPA (No. 12-71523, 2014)
People of the State of California v. US Dept. of the Interior (No. 12-55856, 2014)
In Defense of Animals v. Dep’t of the Interior (No. 12-17804, 2014)
League of Wilderness Defenders/Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project v. Connaughton (No. 13-35653, 2014)
National Resources Defense Council v. Jewell (No. 09-17661, 2014)
Republic of Ecuador v. MacKay (No. 12-15572, 2014)
Native Village of Point Hope v. Jewell (No. 12-35287, 2014)
Jones v. Nat’l Marine Fisheries (No. 11-35954, 2013)
Natural Resources Defense Council v. EPA (No. 12-70268, 2013)
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union v. Corey (No. 12-15131, 2013)